Swedish Single

One-Time Swedish Massage
Traditional Swedish massage. Our therapists utilize their hands to give you full body care, while targeting specific problem areas. Using hands and forearms can help achieve pointed depth.

Many clients prefer Swedish massage over Ashiatsu. No matter your preference, you’ll get the highest levels of care and attention at The Gym Spa.

$1.33 / minute

Ashiatsu Single

One-Time Ashiatsu Massage
Ashiatsu massage is a specialized service utilizing the heel and pads of our therapists feet to increase pressure while simultaneously increasing surface area. This means you get a deeper massage without the sharp pointed pressure of fingers.

$1.33 / minute

Monthly Memberships

Buy Minutes, Use Minutes
Want more regular, specialized care? With a Gym Spa Membership you can have regular monthly/weekly visits at better prices, flexible scheduling & ongoing specialized care.

Choose between Swedish & Ashiatsu techniques, breaking down your minutes into 30/60/90 minutes sessions. Use rollover minutes as gifts. Have the flexibility you need. Call to sign up for a membership today!

$0.89 / minute