Massage Services:


30 Minutes, targeted

Pre/Post Workout Massage
Target session are great before of after workouts to help your body perform its best during a workout and recover quickly after.

30 Minutes sessions are for focused massage, directed at specific problem areas. Using hands, forearms, and elbows, our therapists achieve pointed depth, and relieve strain specific to your workouts (i.e. : IT Band, joint pain, hamstring tightness, shoulder pain, clicking/popping, etc).

30 Minute Prep Sessions are available in Swedish technique only.


60 Minutes, full-body general/half body detail

Post Workout/Rest Day Massage
Maintenance sessions are for daily mobility and long-term flexibility/range of motion. Book between workouts or on rest days for best long term results.

Maintenance sessions are often scheduled in tandem with more frequent prep session to provide the best all-around care.

Choose between Swedish and Ashiatsu techniques, depending on your preferences/needs.


90 Minutes, full-body detail

Rest Day Massage

Recovery sessions are the best way to attack chronic pains that prevent you from the full mobility and range of motions you need. These sessions provide enough time for our therapists to hone in on multiple problem areas, giving full attention and detail to your entire body.

Choose between Swedish and Ashiatsu techniques, depending on your preferences/needs.

30 minute $45

60 minute $80

90 minute $115

120 minute $150

Monthly Memberships

Buy minutes, use minutes
Want more regular, specialized care? With a Gym Spa membership you can have regular monthly/weekly visits at better prices, flexible scheduling & ongoing specialized care.

Choose between Swedish & Ashiatsu techniques, breaking down your minutes into 30/60/90 minutes sessions. Use rollover minutes as gifts. Have the flexibility you need. Call to sign up for a membership today!