What do I wear during my massage?

The answer to this question is different for everyone! The most important thing is that you, the client, needs to be comfortable. Most clients choose to be completely disrobed underneath the linens provided. However, if you decide to wear underclothing, we can easily work around it.


What should I expect for my first massage?

For your first visit, please fill out the intake form that will be emailed to you before your scheduled service. When you arrive, we’ll ask some questions to make sure that there aren't any medications, injuries, or anything else that could cause harm while you’re receiving a massage. We’ll also ask some general questions about which massage method would be best for you, and we'll discuss specific areas of pain or discomfort you'd like us to focus on.


How should I use my minutes?

Together we’ll plan scheduling options that work best for you and your specific needs, to be sure to optimize your recovery times and healing. Your minutes can be used by you or any immediate family members signed to your plan.


What’s the shortest session time I can book?

Athletes looking for quicker, more frequent recovery sessions can book in increments as short as 30 minutes. Come in before or after your workout to alleviate tension in your problem areas.


If I’m coming from the gym, do I need to shower/change?

We do require a quick soap and rinse if you’re coming from a workout - we have showers on the premises at The Gym Spa, or you can shower at your own gym then head our way!