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We make your workouts really count, by helping you recover faster.


It’s no coincidence that all pro sports teams have massage therapists on staff.


This has been standard practice in professional sports for decades. Why? Because the best trainers understand that to maintain your best physical condition, you need to focus on recovery, and target problem areas. Focusing on recovery at The Gym Spa stimulates faster muscle growth, and prevents injury. It’s that simple.


Member Testimonials

Being a former Navy SEAL that was injured and medically retired, I have been exposed to what I thought was every therapeutic massage out there, and most of the time I was left disappointed....My Gym Spa therapist Nathan was able to apply the pressure I needed, but also distribute it over a large enough area to make it comfortable, AND effective. If you are an active person that values your body, and knows that it needs to be serviced well to perform at its best, go to The Gym Spa now.
— Larry Y. Age 46, Gym Spa Client
I have been suffering with severe back pain and I always feel so much better after a session at The Gym Spa. The price is amazing for what you get. I will never book with anyone else.
— Allie G. Age 26, Gym Spa Client
Great place for that extra recovery boost that I need for weight lifting.
— Jared S. Age 33, Gym Spa Client
They customize each session with compassion and respect...and have the amazing ability to hunt down those troublesome triggerpoints and painful tension patterns.
— Meredith G. Age 31, Gym Spa Client
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